Your logo is your mark of excellence. It is a symbol of pride in your work and craftsmanship in your product. It is an instant, unique representation of your company.

The human eye is a beautiful, complex machine. In concert with the brain, it triggers recognition, understands and clarifies the subtleties between millions of colors, and decodes the intricate combinations of symbols to create words. Capturing your pride, your craftsmanship, and your skill in one simple, elegant, memorable image is achieved using three basic, visual elements. The eye manages to capture the subtleties of the image instantaneously, but it does so in a specific order:

  1. shape
  2. color
  3. symbol


Since the eye first recognizes shape before color and symbol, your logo’s shape is critical. Different shapes convey different meanings: a circle tells a different story than a square.


Once the eye recognizes shape, it then recognizes color. Part of developing a strong logo is consistent, methodical use of a color.


Finally, the eye recognizes symbols. While a symbol is a shape, it is a more intricate and delicate shape requiring the eye and the brain to take more time to recognize and process it into meaning.

Breaking it Down. Putting it Together.

Brettro will take a detailed look at the most important elements of your business—your mission, values, and goals. We’ll break them down and analyze each one, then put them back together in a combination of shape, color and symbol that tells your story and conveys your unique message. At the end of the process you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, professional logo to include in all of your branding efforts.