Project 1: Website Redesign


Primary project goals:

  • Create a new web site interface using industry best practices and interface design principles that conveys the grandeur and importance of the government’s transfer of power from one chief executive to another;
  • Using existing content, create a basic web site whereby visitors will be able to:
    • Learn about the history of the swearing-in ceremony;
    • Learn about the history of the luncheon;
    • Access information about obtaining tickets;
    • Access current information about day-of-event activities;
    • Access interesting, anecdotal information about the 2009 swearing-in ceremony leading up to the event;
  • Provide a simple, intuitive way for non-HTML-savvy people to create, edit, and add content (text, images, etc.) to the site;
  • Section 508 compliance.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is established every four years by an act of Congress to plan and execute the swearing-in ceremony for the newly-elected president of the United States.