Project 2: Website Maintenance


Objectives for this website maintenance are limited to executing tasks as assigned by or approved by the JCCIC for maintaining, adding, or editing content on or the structure to the 2009 JCCIC website,

Such tasks include:

  • Managing all aspects of a Phased Rollout Plan (including but not limited to content preparation and approvals, graphics and image preparation and approvals, web page creation and approvals) as presented to the Committee by Brettro and agreed to by both parties;
  • Preparing a site archive as prescribed by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration for each phase of the JCCIC public web site;
  • Preparing the Rotunda Plan home page;
  • Ensuring the site’s Section 508 compliance as new content is added;
  • Providing the appropriate printed and electronic documentation for the 2009 JCCIC archive for the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration; and
  • Other duties, as necessary, within the confines of content and code creation for the JCCIC public web site,