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Project 1: Redesign Website


Dr. Jill Weber sought assistance re-developing her professional psychology practice presence on the World Wide Web. Objectives for this development:

  • Create a new web site graphical user interface capturing the professionalism, compassion, hope, and sophistication of Dr. Weber’s practice using web design industry best practices and interface design principles;
  • Create a basic web site whereby visitors will be able to:
    • Discover the available services and the age groups with whom Dr. Weber works;
    • Understand fee structure for services;
    • Understand the steps necessary to engage Dr. Weber;
    • Watch or read Dr. Weber’s contribution in print and television media;
    • Learn about Dr. Weber, her credentials, and her philosophy;
    • Request to be contacted via a webform;
    • Provide a simple, intuitive way for non-HTML-savvy people to create, edit, and add content (text, images, etc.) to the site.
    • Provide web hosting and access to a web-based website content management system.