Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to quickly and efficiently reach your target audience. We create customized email newsletter systems that are effective, attractive, and easy to use.

In 53 seconds (or less)

Usability studies show that email inboxes are so crowded, your message may only get 53 seconds of time before it gets deleted, filed or forgotten. Make sure your message gets the time it deserves.

Announce Your Big News

From your new house to a cocktail party invitation, a stylish HTML-based email brings a unique level of casual sophistication to your next mass communication. Combine color, photos, links, and fonts to make a truly memorable message for your family, friends and associates.

Put Polish on Your Organization

Bring your brand and the experience of your business to your customers’ inbox with an HTML-based email newsletter. Incorporating your corporate identity—colors, fonts, imagery and products—into an email promoting your business reminds customers of the fantastic experience they’ve had shopping with or working with you.

If you’re unsure of what kind of information to include and when to send a newsletter, we offer consultation on best practices and training for how to use the web-based, online email marketing system chosen by Brettro.

Lend legitimacy to your newsletter by automating your subscribing and unsubscribing procedure. Elevate yourself to the industry’s best practices by using Brettro and give your customers peace of mind that their email address is safe from misuse.

Customize Your Message

Instead of merely designing a single newsletter and sending it for you, we create a newsletter template and provide you with access to a web-based system that allows you to easily create and send a newsletter any time you wish, without any special programming knowledge. You can also quickly and easily add or remove subscribers and maintain your distribution lists.

No Abuse. No Spam. No Way.

Brettrospective takes the proper use of email addresses very seriously. We will never knowingly send unsolicited or unwanted email to any email address. We will also not use email addresses for any other purpose than the intended purpose of our customers.