Brettro Turns 5

A little over five years ago, I was wrapping up a part-time stint at an Apple retail store in Northern Virginia. I wanted to take advantage of my employee discount one final time, but didn’t want to take on such a substantial amount of debt without a way to pay for it.

Brettrospective Media was born.


In 2005, I had been building websites for seven years, creating print media for 17 years, and had just begun dabbling in video. It was an interesting time for all three media. Print media had settled into its digital revolution, the web was in a heated debate over web standards in browsers, and computers were just becoming powerful enough to handle standard definition video at the consumer level.

By launching Brettro, I created a revenue stream to pay for the souped-up PowerBook and professional-level software I’d just purchased. It also allowed me the freedom to exercise my creativity in ways that my full-time (and very similar) job would not.

I also discovered an incredible group of clients and deepened my passion for designing and creating creative material efficiently and solidly based in industry best practices.


Here in 2010, the only consistent in the creative landscape is change. Print media is facing serious revenue declines as the web is rapidly becoming the primary means by which people digest information. The browser wars are largely over as the Web Standards movement finally won. Even Microsoft is finally building a standards-compliant browser! HTML5 and CSS3 are poised to explode onto the Web. And video–both standard- and high-definition—has found a comfortable home in the digital realm.

The present is so exciting in the creative world. And I am thrilled to have Brettro to help me experience it.

What Next?

The next five years will bring incredible change in the print, web and video industries. And Brettro is poised to embrace and adapt to that change. Stay tuned in the days to come to learn more about how Brettro is already working to adopt these new technologies and how, by doing so, its clients will reap the benefits.