‘The Big Web Show’ and Todd Dominey

I recently discovered a podcast for web design nerds like me: The Big Web Show. It’s both an audio and a video podcast hosted by Web Standards protagonist, author and professional hero Jeffrey Zeldman and tech entrepreneur and generally-brilliant tech guy Dan Benjamin. A tweet by Todd Dominey–creator of the amazing SlideshowPro–led me to the podcast and to several hours of high nerdery watching the Dominey episode and the Kristina Halvorson episode (another professional hero).

Brettro has been using SlideshowPro for slightly over a year and finds the product to be incredibly polished and incredibly easy for both his clients and him to use. Getting to hear Dominey’s backstory and the genesis of SlideshowPro was incredibly interesting and even a little inspiring. Anyone willing to quit a day job with a solid company to go it on his own has my respect.

If you like people with entrepreneurial spirit, take note of Dominey, Zeldman, Benjamin and Halvorson. Not only are they the embodiment of such a spirit, they are each passionate advocates for best-practice-based, responsible technical and content development for the web.