Closing Brettro

After 12 years in business I closed Brettrospective Media’s virtual doors in mid-2017.

I started Brettro in 2005 on a whim. At the time, I was the manager of the technical side of a prominent U.S. government website but I wanted a place to stretch my wings, experiment, learn and have some creative fun with graphic design, web design, web development and content production. Brettrospective Media was born.

Beyond previously developing, launching and managing a handful of websites, I had no idea how different running a business would be.

I didn’t know how to start a business. I didn’t know how to price projects. I didn’t know how to find clients. I didn’t know how to advertise my new venture to family and friends. I didn’t understand that there would be a slight—but important—difference between working with clients and working with colleagues.

But that was the whole point of starting Brettro: to learn. And learn I did. In fact, much of what I learned is captured over the years in this blog.

Brettro was always intended to be a part-time venture and throughout its life, it generally was. But there were times where I stretched myself and there were times where I bit off muchmore than I could chew. Ultimately the combination of working full-time for Uncle Sam and part-time for myself took its toll and in early 2013 I burnt out.

After letting Brettro languish for about four years, I decided in mid-2017 that it was time to close the business.

And while I won’t be taking on any new clients, when the mood strikes I will still be writing about design and business and the things I learn, so check back every once in a while.